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by Todd MacFarlane and Greg Capullo
Titan Books, 2001. Paperback. 138 pages.
ISBN 1840232625 (buy at Amazon.co.uk)
Bought on 17 March 2001 at Amazon.co.uk for £9.59
The Shape Of Things To Come! Staggering home truths and portents abound for our newly reassembled Hellspawn in this foresightful fourteenth volume of Todd McFarlane's symbolic Spawn saga. At last, the big picture starts to emerge, the Hellspawn's role in the ever escalating war between the forces of light and darkness revealed. Since his (original) recreation, Simmons has blundered around in the dark - literally - unsure if he has a greater purpose or is just a pawn in some celestial power game. But now a third player makes its presence felt, a verdant force threatened by the wiles of heaven and hell alike, one that views Spawn not as just a means to an end, but the end itself.

This book is part 14 of the Spawn series.


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